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Our Story

    Offensive But Cute is just that, edgy, playful, sassy, and throw in a vodka soda with a splash of cran!

    As members of the LGBTQ community, we are tired of the half-assed rainbow merchandise shat out by corporations every June.  Their products are definitely, allegedly, terribly basic.  I want pinks, reinvented rainbows, and fun and cute graphics/patterns.  OBC adds another game-changing dimension to this aesthetic.  Empowerment.  Our goal is to be a queer-owned apparel store that pushes the envelope and looks fabulous in the process.  

     How are we offensive?  Sure, we can be crass and use a swear word (or five), but the true offense is towards the ignorants and conservatives.  They are going to be offended by watching us empower ourselves.  By wearing our apparel, we give the world a heads-up about who we are.  It creates a healthy avenue to communicate, understand each other, and educate.  And look really super cute!  

     Our designs are colorful, eye-catching, and dare we say, refreshing.  You will not see mock rainbows anywhere.  We want pastels, cute graphics, words, and phrases that make us gasp and giggle.  

Get to Know Me

     I studied art and costume design at UTEP and NMSU.  The latter has an amazing costume and theater department where I learned the history of fashion and how to sew properly.  Nothing made me happier than working in that department!


     I moved to Houston, began my career as a middle school art teacher, and built an art department from scratch.  I taught 170 teenagers per year and, along the way, inspired a few.  When I moved up to a high school, I was required to teach digital art, in which I had no experience whatsoever.  

Through digital art, I was re-inspired to take on fashion design, and the outcome was Offensive But Cute!

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