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Introducing our latest creation! 

A nod to our love for "the game" and those who play it at "Grandmas": The "Grandma's Baseball Jersey" T-shirt!


This design captures the spirit of our "team" from Houston, TX - Grandma's, established in 1968.  212 Represents the room with the sling.  It's a versatile design, filled with rich red, white, and blue colors and, of course, our brand name,

Offensive But Cute.


Here's where it gets really special - you can customize this T-shirt with your preferred name or nickname on the back, followed by your favorite number. But remember, a number can only be used once (for now)!


Feel like mixing up the colors? You're free to request further customization at no extra charge. We produce and ship this unique piece for $32.


So, grab your own "Grandma's Baseball Jersey" T-shirt and express your unique style!

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